What is a WinIt Code?

They are strings of text that you can apply for instant WinIt Code. Sometimes they look LIKETHIS. Other times, LiKEtH1S. Case sensitive and will NEVER have any spaces in them and is only available for few hours. You’ll earn a predetermined number of Points that will be instantly credited to your account.

Where can I find these WinIt Code?

The codes can be found in several places and varies a little by region. To receive notifications when there are active points perks you must subscribe in our page.

We will tell you exactly what WinIt Code are active during the day and how long they last. You should only subscribe to our social networks to be able to notify you when a new code is released. Points Perks can appear on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Printerest or appear on a Shop & Earn store page.

Sign up for our notifications so you never miss they codes.

How to redeem WinIt Code?

If you’re on page, enter the code in the code box at the top, hover over the icon and paste the code.

Always points and paste a code when using a PC. Double click the code, press ctrl c to copy, then ctrl v to paste it.

Be sure you are entering the code correctly. Points are case sensitive. Make sure you don’t have any spaces before or after the points.

Points are sometimes country specific, or may be good for all countries. You should try every code, every time, regardless of country.