WinIt Code Bonus for Inboxdollars Referral a Friend July 07, 2024


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Cash Back: Inboxdollars
The Referral a Friend plan for InboxDollars:

1.Purpose: Encourage members to refer friends and earn cash rewards.
2.Process: Members can refer friends via social media or email through their InboxDollars account.
  • $1.00 per referral, up to 5 referrals.
  • Additional 30% on all qualified earnings made by referrals.
4. Example: If a referred friend earns $25.00, the referrer earns an additional $7.50.
5.Ease of Use: Members have their own referral page and links for sharing.
6.Options: Invitations can be sent via email, shared on Facebook, and more.

This plan incentivizes members to refer friends by offering straightforward cash rewards for both referrals and their earnings.

*Copy and paste the WinIt Code without spaces to quickly receive your rewars*

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